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Accommodation in Kaapsehoop: Your retreat this winter

We are in the midst of winter and now is the time when many of us need a break away from it all. Have you considered accommodation in Kaapsehoop for your winter retreat?

Icy weather can get to anyone. You might be one of those people who open their eyes on a winter morning and wonder how they are going to get out of bed when even the sun is sleeping in. For many people, winter is a downer. It falls during the middle of the year for us South Africans which means that the mid-year blues can get to us just when we start running out of energy, making the winter months even longer. But there is a way to counter the winter blues and accommodation in Kaapsehoop will do just the trick. Relaxation in the mountains Escaping to the mountains is something that everyone should do at least once. Getting away for a weekend and relaxing away from the noise of the city is the perfect way to overcome the winter blues. The darkness seems to creep up sooner than you would like and the cold creeps along with it, winter is short in South Africa but it can feel as though it is never going away.
Mist among the trees makes for the relaxing setting of your Kaapsehoop accommodation

Mist among the trees makes for the relaxing setting of your Kaapsehoop accommodation

Accommodation in Kaapsehoop can take your mind off of the winter as there is so much to do; so many things to take your mind off of the cold. Some time spent away from it all is going to give your energy a boost, it is going to help you to slow down and reclaim your mind. Here are a few tips to beat the winter blues while you are enjoying your Kaapsehoop accommodation:
  1. Get outdoors and move your body
In winter, we are tempted to spend our time off curled up in a big blanket watching TV or reading a good book. While those cold days deserve some lazy time spent indoors, too much time hidden away from the outdoors is not going to improve your mood, or your mind. Exercising is going to help you to get rid of the stress that has been building up, it is going to give your metabolism a much-needed boost and it is going to release those feel good endorphins that will keep you positive and upbeat.
Horseback riding will get you outdoors this winter when you are enjoying accommodation in Kaapsehoop

Horseback riding will get you outdoors this winter when you are enjoying accommodation in Kaapsehoop

Where else could you go looking for an outdoor stretch but in Kaapsehoop? With hiking trails, exciting horseback riding opportunities and the quaint little village to wander around in, there are plenty of activities for you to indulge in and enjoy. You can ask your accommodation in Kaapsehoop for information about some of the best things to do when in the town.
  1. Start your healthy eating
Winter is usually the time of the year when we eat all of the wrong things. Spoiling ourselves with rich soups, roasted Sunday lunches and all kinds of sticky warm puddings, winter is usually the season when healthy eating is forgotten. Unhealthy heavy eating in winter can play havoc on your mood but indulging occasionally is not all that bad. Your Kaapsehoop accommodation is likely to spoil you with healthy food that is absolutely delicious. Homemade meals that are scrumptious and warm are the only way to go when you are up in the mountains enjoying a mid-year retreat.
  1. Treat yourself to warm vitamin D
The winter sun is a weak sun. Going outside is probably the last thing on your mind when the days are cold but some time spent in the sun is going to do you the world of good. Getting some sun on your skin is the best way to improve your mood and let’s face it, with most of your time spent in the building at work you are likely to only be getting a minimum amount of sunshine on your skin during the week. A lack of sunlight can cause depression as sunlight is partly responsible for releasing the neurotransmitters in your brain, these same neurotransmitters that are going to give your mood a boost. Kaapsehoop has so many lovely places to enjoy the great outdoors and get some sun. While enjoying your accommodation in Kaapsehoop you should spend some time sitting on the rocks, soaking up a sunbeam. This will improve your mood and it is a great way to keep warm.
  1. Plan something to look forward to
Your break in Kaapsehoop can be just what you need to keep you motivated and looking forward to something. When planning your accommodation in Kaapsehoop you will be treating yourself to time spent away from it all. And even if it is just for the weekend it will be enough to keep you excited and motivated, it will be something to cut the winter in half.
  1. Turn off that alarm
Feeling like you are running all the time and that you are living life at an extremely fast pace? Most people have this feeling these days, we are living life so fast that it becomes a rollercoaster that cannot be stopped. But everyone needs a time out from the rat race and the ideal place to do this is in the comfort of your accommodation in Kaapsehoop. Being an isolated village surrounded by lush forests and long grass, you will be far away from the bright lights and the never ending noise of cars rushing up and down the streets. This makes it the perfect place to catch up on your sleep. Did you know that most people are not getting enough sleep these days? With the rat race comes insomnia and other sleeping conditions that are interrupting the quality of our sleep and the amount of sleep that we are getting. So while on your winter retreat, catch a few extra winks and treat yourself to a few naps. And don’t forget to turn off your alarm, it’s not needed at your winter haven.
Relax this winter in your accommodation in Kaapsehoop

Relax this winter in your accommodation in Kaapsehoop

Kaapsehoop is a dreamy holiday destination, it has something for everyone and settling down in front of a crackling fire with the mist just outside the windows, accommodation in Kaapsehoop is the perfect way to beat the winter blues and completely relax.
Accommodation in Kaapsehoop: Your retreat this winter
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