Long Creek lodge situated in the beautiful area of Mpumalanga. Offering accommodation in Kaapsehoop and lodging. Click here to read the history of Kaapsehoop.

One of leading guest house and accommodation facilities in Kaapsehoop.

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Escape To A Holiday Haven In A Kaapsehoop Accommodation

There are only a few things in life that we can truly enjoy completely and one of them is, quality, fun times with friends and family. Going away on holiday can be great fun for everybody from the preparation to the journey. South Africa has many beautiful places to see and experience and all you have to do is select your budget and then plan where you’d like to go. Kaapsehoop accommodation is vast and suited for various budgets, and with this splendid place comes magnificent scenery and great things to do. guest houses in Kaapsehoop - relaxing in Mpumalanga Kaapsehoop is often said to intrigue it’s guests and visitors with it’s charm, mystery and mystical appearance especially on those days that the mist fills the air. It’s common to experience rain in the area without warning as it is situated in area prone to high rainfall throughout the year. Kaaspehoop is indeed the perfect place to get away from it all, and just enjoy the splendid atmosphere and scenery that will linger on in your memory and heart. Yes, you could literally fall in love with this little town and it will be one you’d visit time and time again. There are many guest houses in Kaapsehoop that offer great accommodation suited for large groups, couples and single persons. Long Creek Lodge is only one of many that have lots to offer guests.  Overlooking the best views from the summit of the Drakensberg Mountain in South Africa, the lodge offers guests a tranquil escape from the daily hustle and bustle of city life. The Long Creek Lodge also caterers for various events. Couples getting married will be happy to know that special care is taken to give them the best time ever with great views for all wedding photos. Accommodation for newlyweds will include a romantic night with a room made over to ooze romance as well as for couples celebrating their anniversaries. Guest houses in Kaapsehoop also cater for all your conference needs, with special packages to suit your requirements. Long Creek Lodge also has facilities for conferences that include meals and refreshments at fair prices per delegate. To hire the wedding venue at the lodge, you can book in advance to avoid any disappointment. There is a lot to do in close proximity to the guest houses in Kaapsehoop. What Are Some Of The Activities To Be Done In Kaapsehoop?
  • Hiking – For lovers of the outdoors
  • Wild horses – Get to see some herds of free roaming horses
  • Birding – Perfect for bird lovers and it is home to the Southern Hemisphere Blue Swallows
  • Kaapsehoop history tour
  • Kaapsehoop Ghost and Historical Tour
  • Escarpment Walk – Walk through a maze of strangely formatted rocks until you reach the escarpment that boasts spectacular views
So bring your friends and your family today, with all the plenty things to do and the vast array of accommodation to suit your budget and your needs, look no further than the unique little town of Kaapsehoop South Africa. View other overnight facilities in the area.
Escape To A Holiday Haven In A Kaapsehoop Accommodation
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