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One of leading guest house and accommodation facilities in Kaapsehoop.

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Kaapsehoop accommodation for your magical wedding

Getting married in Kaapsehoop? From Kaapsehoop accommodation to where you will be taking your vows, proper planning will make your day extraordinary.

The unusual rock formations, open spacious areas and exquisite green forests have been the alluring backdrop for many a newly married couples wedding photos and memories. Because of its beautiful and unique landscape, couples also choose Kaapsehoop accommodation for their wedding night owing to the otherworldly charm that the town has.

The ride up to Kaapsehoop will be enough to enchant you and make you fall in love with this historic village. All of the roads up to the mountain town are lined with forest trees which give way suddenly to the classical style houses that you wouldn’t have guessed would have been hidden snugly at the top. The scenery is enough to make anyone imagine a time when only wildlife lived atop the mountain and the area was untouched by man.

Today Kaapsehoop is a popular wedding destination with families booking out most of the Kaapsehoop accommodation for the big day, turning the event into a luxurious mini holiday. Many of the places which offer accommodation in Kaapsehoop give couples the option of getting married in a venue attached to the lodge or hotel. With summer steadily approaching, engaged couples might be preparing for a summery walk down the aisle while out in nature. If you are one of those couples then maybe this blog will help your decision making a little bit easier.

Places to get married

If you don’t want to get married at the accommodation that you have chosen, you can get married at another venue in the area. With waterfalls, open farm lands and picturesque old buildings, Kaapsehoop is truly a fairy tale place. Many couples have taken their vows under the trees of the forest while others have booked a place in the small, almost Victorian like church. The old buildings have plenty of historical value and significance, the only limit to your ideas for your wedding in Kaapsehoop will be your imagination. Why not start your married life on the edge of the escarpment overlooking the ancient De Kaap Valley? Not only will you have amazing memories of the day but you will also have a unique set of photographs to share with your children. Or set up an area among the trees and exchange your vows under the canopy of leaves.

Looking for a traditional wedding Ask your Kaapsehoop accommodation about the nearby chapel

Looking for a traditional wedding Ask your Kaapsehoop accommodation about the nearby chapel

This area of the Lowveld is ideal for both big and small wedding parties as most venues will accommodate groups of all sizes. Some venues will provide your party with catering and drinks, while other venues will give you the option of using the facility while providing your own food. There are many options available and after your happily long day you can go back to your Kaapsehoop accommodation and settle in for the night in front of a roaring fire.

The ideal wedding venue should be able to host your reception by providing an area for your guests to sit and relax after the ceremony as well as catering and drinks. This will take the stress off of the big day. Choosing a lodge to host your wedding reception will help reduce the stress as you will be able to relax after the ceremony with the knowledge that everything is being take care of.

Kaapsehoop is the ideal city getaway and as the town itself is isolated from the mainstream. This gives everyone the privacy that they are looking for. And if you are from out of town then you might want to consider honeymooning in the area. There are many secluded places to spend the duration of your honeymoon, a great place to slip away to and enjoy the start of your marriage in the serene quiet.

The time of year that you choose to have your wedding in this area will also affect where you will get married. In the winter months you can enjoy a warm in door wedding while the mist gently pushes up onto the windows while in the summer you can plan an outdoor wedding in the clear air.

Theme ideas

Kaapsehoop accommodation is popular for unsual weddings

Kaapsehoop accommodation is popular for unsual weddings

Each couple has their own idea about what theme they would like their wedding to have. And when getting married in this town, any theme goes. From traditional religious weddings to the weddings that are the stuff of a magnificent imagination, Kaapsehoop has accommodated it all. Just a few years back Kaapsehoop was host to a Steampunk wedding. It was out of this world beautiful and not something that is seen every day in the Lowveld.

Most weddings in this village have an unconventional twist. Those who choose to get married in Kaapsehoop are usually looking for something that is small and intimate rather than overly flashy. Perhaps it is the relaxed life that the people of Kaapsehoop enjoy that encourages those getting married here to take their wedding ceremony down a different path.

Photography opportunities

The photography that you will have at your wedding is going to be what you will show your children and grandchildren one day, so having good quality photos taken in a mystical and memorable setting will make your wedding photos all the more special. Your photographer is going to enjoy taking your photos in this town because it is going to inspire them to think more out of the box than usual. Photos capturing a silhouette in the sunset, holding hands on a dusty road or taking your vows in the old style church, you will relive the magical day when you receive the photographs after the wedding.

The buildings, trees, rocks, wild horses and even the rural setting all contribute to one of a kind photos. The rustic element mixed with a modern twist will make your wedding day a truly momentous occasion.

Planning your wedding is a special time in your life and having a wedding in Kaapsehoop is going to leave you with many happy memories. There is more than enough Kaapsehoop accommodation for your friends and families to use when you are getting married in this historical town, begin your planning today.



Kaapsehoop accommodation for your magical wedding
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