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Kaapsehoop Festivals: Start your planning with Kaapsehoop accommodation

When you are planning your Kaapsehoop accommodation, you might just want to indulge in one of these festivals...

Kaapsehoop accommodation is affordable and early booking is always essential

Kaapsehoop accommodation is affordable and early booking is always essential

The picturesque historical town of Kaapsehoop is unlike any other town in the province of Mpumalanga. Perched on the edge of a mountain, this quaint town offers guests an experience like no other as they are introduced to other worldly sights and experiences. Throughout the year there are a number of festivals that attract people of all types from far and wide.  With the stunning setting of wild open spaces dotted with unusual rock formations, it is no wonder that Kaapsehoop is the place to go if you are looking for an experience that is unlike anything you have had before. Kaapsehoop accommodation is available for all budgets and for all preferences, if you wish to have a rustic experience then you might enjoy camping while those who are not too keen on camping can luxuriate in 5 star accommodation. During the festival periods throughout the year you should always make sure that you book your accommodation well in advance. The Wild Horse Festival When those who have visited this unusual historic town hear the word Kaapsehoop they are likely to picture the family of wild horses who call this grassy area home. There are thought to be almost 200 wild horses running freely in this town and its surrounding areas. While no one is 100% sure about where these horses originate, the accepted theory is that they are a combination of the descendants of the horses owned by soldiers during Boer War, horses belonging to gold mining prospectors during the gold rush and the horses belonging to cattle farmers. The earliest documentation of these famous horses goes back to 1800. So it is not difficult to accept that the horses of Kaapsehoop are a treasured sight and one that the locals are, while proud to show them off, highly protective of. And in celebration of these magnificent animals, each year the town of Kaapsehoop hosts a festival in their honour. The Wild Horse Festival has been held for almost a decade now. At a venue in the town, visitors will be able to enjoy a range of activities and simply relax without worrying about the time. This festival is usually held on the first weekend of September and since this can be a busy time of year booking your Kaapsehoop accommodation early is important.
The Wild Horse Festival is an annual celebration and booking Kaapsehoop accommodation is essential to get the most out of the experience

The Wild Horse Festival is an annual celebration

The Bohemian Festival Kaapsehoop welcomes all people. Due to its fantastically laid back vibes, all of those with a love for the Bohemian, an interest in the Bohemian, or those who just want to get some fresh air, must pay a visit to the Bohemian Festival. With a number of stalls and a relaxed atmosphere, going to this festival is a great way to spend the day.  Here you can grab a snack and sit in the shade with a drink, enjoying the end of the summer warmth. This festival will usually be hosted at the end of January. This is the perfect place for the family to get together and the day will include live music by the talented local musicians. The Freedom Day Festival It is not every day that all people can sit together and celebrate their religions as one, but from the 26th to the 27th of April the local Pagan community comes together, bringing together all other religious groups in the process, to celebrate the freedom afforded to all of us by the South African Constitution. People of all faiths are welcome to celebrate how far South Africa has come in embracing the diversity that it has in terms of race, culture and religion. This two day festival is marked by live music, good food and drink and performances by local fire dancers and well-known local bands. Guests bring their own picnic baskets and drinks and they can spend the day together, enjoying a special sense of community and spirit. Guests are able to then stay over at Kaapsehoop accommodation of their choice and enjoy a magnificent sunrise the next morning.
The Freedom Day Festival is set to become an annual tradition with local music and fire dancers set to blow people away. If you don't want to travel down the mountain after the night entertainment, booking Kaapsehoop accommodation is great idea.

The Freedom Day Festival is set become an annual tradition with local music and fire dancers showcasing their talent.

The Innibos Laeveld Kunstefees While this is not a Kaapsehoop festival, the Innibos Cultural Festival draws hundreds of thousands of people every year to the region. Going on for more than a decade, the festival is a celebration of the Afrikaans culture. Over a 5 day period festival goers will enjoy live music, performance arts and good Afrikaans food. This is a national festival and every year it has something new to entice festival goers with. Situated in the centre of town, Innibos lights up the town of Nelspruit like no other event. The town gains a new vivacious vibe and all guest houses and hotels are filled to the brim. The festival involves the whole family, with plays and music for children included among the many activities. At the end of 4 days of joyous cultural celebration, the festival closes with a Christian religious coming together on the 5th day, although all faiths are welcome. With over 200 stalls, 200 musicians and a huge variety of entertainment, Innibos is a must festival to experience. Because accommodation can be exceptionally tight, and because the town becomes incredibly busy, escaping to Kaapsehoop each night after the day’s entertainment is a great idea. Kaapsehoop is situated just 15 minutes outside of Nelspruit.  And if you are visiting from out of town to attend the festival, you can spend some time exploring the Kaapsehoop area. This area is rich in history and when you are not at the festival, time here will be well spent. The Lowveld is home to all types of people and the festivals hosted in Kaapsehoop and surrounding areas pay homage to the diversity which helps to make the Lowveld what it is. People from all walks of life are accepted and being part of the festival is sure to make you feel like you are home. While organising accommodation might be stressful, you can put your mind at ease by booking your Kaapsehoop accommodation early. With such a variety to choose from and with prices that will suit any budget, you will soon be sorted when it comes to having a pillow on which to place your head. Come and enjoy a once in a lifetime cultural experience by attending one of the many festivals. When you book into Long Creek Lodge’s accommodation in Kaapsehoop, you can ask our knowledgeable and welcoming staff about the various festivals.
Kaapsehoop Festivals: Start your planning with Kaapsehoop accommodation
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