Long Creek lodge situated in the beautiful area of Mpumalanga. Offering accommodation in Kaapsehoop and lodging. Click here to read the history of Kaapsehoop.

One of leading guest house and accommodation facilities in Kaapsehoop.

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Kaapsehoop: The home of mysticism and the paranormal

“Beware of the free range kids, cats, dogs, frogs and fairies”. One of Kaapsehoop’s greeting signs you will see when entering the inner town. As Kaapsehoop is a town with a history going back over a hundred years, you are bound to hear a few stories about the spooks and goblins. The ghostly history of this town makes accommodation in Kaapsehoop a little bit more exciting. Some of the hotels claim to have phantom guests and some of those staying at these hotels claim to have heard a few bumps in the night. Accommodation in Kaapsehoop, Long Creek Lodge The paranormal interest surrounding the town of Kaapsehoop has in recent years increased and now the town offers a ghosts and historical tour. As part of your holiday you should sign up for one of these unusual tours, it will make your accommodation in Kaapsehoop a little more interesting. A thick mist settles over the town on most nights, the perfect setting of a ghost story. There are stories from local patrons of a popular bar hearing the breaking of crockery as loud music seems to accompany a fight, some hikers have heard the giggles of naughty children playing amongst the rocks and some farm workers have been scared out of their beds by an angry old man demanding that they get back to work. The Kaapsehoop town was established in the 1800’s and it was during those tough times that people died of diseases, accidental deaths and even murder. Do their restless souls still roam the area? Some believe they do and the town attracts many people who are keen to say they have seen one of the spectres. For the history lovers who flock to the town, the historical part of this tour is enlightening. Every building in Kaapsehoop has a piece of history attached to it and the surrounding area is scattered with abandoned buildings, some used as a hospital and others has homesteads long forgotten. The knowledgeable tour guides will take you on a journey back through the town’s history and give you a taste of the difficult lives people lived. Wildhorses at Kaapsehoop Whether you are inclined to a bit ghostly intrigue or perhaps you want to have an interactive history lesson like no other, the Kaapsehoop Ghosts and Historical Tour is a must for all. While enjoying the accommodation in Kaapsehoop, a town that is otherworldly, taking part in all of its unique activities makes your stay all the more enjoyable. When staying at the Long Creek Lodge, let us tell you about the history of our lodge and should you be interested in the Kaapsehoop Ghosts and Historical Tour tour you can always ask us about how you can join one.
Kaapsehoop: The home of mysticism and the paranormal
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