Long Creek lodge situated in the beautiful area of Mpumalanga. Offering accommodation in Kaapsehoop and lodging. Click here to read the history of Kaapsehoop.

One of leading guest house and accommodation facilities in Kaapsehoop.

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  • Long Creek Lodge Accommodation

    Kaapsehoop village is on the Drakensberg Mountain range and is located round about 28 kilometer from Nelspruit in Mpumalanga. Kaapsehoop was one of the first gold mining towns that were established in 1882 in the old Transvaal. The gold diggers […]

  • Hello Kaapsehoop Visitors

    Welcome to Long Creek Lodge! Tired of superior hotel living in Johannesburg. Then experience Kaapsehoop like never before! Unwind with Long Creek Lodge. Halway stops available for Nelspruit accommodation.